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Our Video Inventory service “Movinventory” adds a further layer of security and evidence of condition in conjunction with the written inventory documentation.

A High Definition Video Inventory (HD) is the best way to capture evidence of the condition and contents of your rental property before each new tenancy begins. A good property inventory is vital to secure financial recompense in case of loss or damage to your property during a tenancy.

Landlords or Estate Agent holding rental property will be well aware of the importance of independent, properly prepared and accurate Inventory Reports in order to ensure compensation can be claimed against any damages suffered during a tenancy. Movinventory is your guarantee to record the accurate and precise condition of your property.

Our Movinventory service leaves no room for tenancy disputes over damages, with undeniable evidence as to the exact state of a property making it clear for both the Landlord and Tenant as to what is expected of them in relation to maintaining the condition of the property. This will help to give great peace of mind, ensuring disputes are rare and making the claiming of money for damages easier.

The Fact

Adjudicated cases over deposit disputes with tenants are on the increase (over 39000 cases in 2019).

Landlords losses amounted to over £39million in 2019. Tenants become more aware of their rights. Without evidence, landlords stand no chance of making a successful claim. The number of disputes is predicted to escalate massively in the coming years.

Overseas Landlords

When was the last time you visit your property ?

Does it need updating to increase rental value ?

Are there any major damages & repairs to be arranged ?

Is there any loss or damage to your property during a tenancy ?

Get the complete picture about the state and condition of your property.

You Tube – Easy access to your Movinventory

All video inventories are published on “You Tube” (non public) and our private cloud service with password controlled area accessible to the concerned parties only (Landlord, Agent, Tenant). Video Inventories are charged as extra and are not included in our standard service charges.

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