Check In Report

A Crystal Inventory clerk will accompany a tenant around the property, on the day the let commences using the Inventory Report as the point of reference. The standard and condition of the property, and its contents, will be agreed upon by both the tenant (or their representative) and our inventory clerk. Meter readings will be noted and keys released and signed for.

Joint signatures are gained, acknowledging the properties condition and any points raised are noted in the Inventory’/Check-In Report.

The original ‘Inventory’ is amended, where necessary, and a detailed ‘Check-In’ report produced. This document is issued to the landlord/agent and tenant, and kept by all parties for the duration of the let.

An accompanied – impartial, check-In procedure, ensures that the standard and condition of a property and its contents, is agreed upon (with the tenant) on the day the let commences. This important procedure helps to minimise the prospect of disputes occurring, at the end of a tenancy.

Agent/Landlord & Tenant will receive a copy of this report on completion of the assignment unless otherwise agreed by email. Bound hard copies are available on request and will be sent by post.

All copies of documentation and digital photographs are retained by Crystal Inventories for five years.

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