Check Out Report

The original Inventory Report is used, as was previously used for the Check-In, with the tenant in attendance if possible. The property is re-inspected on behalf of the landlord and any changes identified and noted on the check out report. If necessary photographs will be taken to support the comments made.

The tenant’s signature is gained when in attendance, confirming the amendments and changes with reference to the original Inventory Report.

A Check-Out Report is compiled, highlighting the areas of change, compared with the original Inventory Report, taking into consideration ‘Fair Wear & Tear’.

A record of meter readings and keys returned, is also taken.

Agent/Landlord & Tenant will receive a copy of this report on completion of the assignment unless otherwise agreed by email. Bound hard copies are available on request and will be sent by post.

All copies of documentation and digital photographs are retained by Crystal Inventories for five years.

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