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UK Residential Deposit Facts - Average Deposit Dispute handled £863.40

Cleaning Disputes End of Tenancy 57%
Damages to Fixtures & Fittings 51%
Redecoration 32%
Rent Arrears 19%
Gardening Disputes 16%
Landlord/Agent Wins Arbitration Dispute 54.5%
Tenant Wins Arbitration Dispute 45.5%

Landlord & Tenant Information

Section 21 Notices

Perhaps now is an opportune time to review the process of using section 21 notices...

Winning Deposit Disputes

Landlords take deposits to give them financial security should tenants: (1) cause damage in the...

Tenancy Deposit Schemes

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Checking Tenants In & Out

When you rent out a property two vital stages in the process are when you...

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Commercial Services

Schedule of Condition - Commercial Leaseholds


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